Trustable company at all times

Xenia Olympia Brand

Ulukartal Food is a subsidiary of Ulukartal Holding which belongs to Ulukartal family.At the beginning of the 20th.century when it was founded,it had a very simple yet a clear mission.
‘’To serve its customers with trust and quality products’’
Today keeping this principle in mind , we have been producing dried fruits as per our customers’ specifications as well as national and international food laws.
Our business unlike many others’ views is very simple.Thanks to our own orchards (120.000m2),
We select the best fruits, process them in the best possible way and finally pack them as per our customers’ will.It is that simple!
Every stage of the process, from selection untill the end product is strictly monitored by our experienced staff.As a result of which Ulukartal Food has been accredited by HACCP
Due to our best price/quality understanding with product reliability, Ulukartal Food has been exporting its products in bulk as well as in retail packages under its brand XENIA OLYMPIA and private labels worldwide.
We have always pride ourselves that we have never lost even one single customer as we think that our existence depends on you!
Our H/O is located nearby İzmir seaport which enables us to reach our operations at the harbor very quickly.Our facilities however are located in Tire –İzmir where we also own our private fig orchards.Needless to mention that all the orchards are on the mountains.They are on the foothills of Mount NIF (known in the ancient times as OLYMPIA) waiting to serve human beings with hospitability(known in the ancient times as XENIA) clarifies our brand mark XENIAOLYMPIA well.